Virtual Volumes is Pure Genius

Feb 16, 201832 minutes

Virtual Volumes (VVols) was designed to solve a lot of the pain points VMware and/or storage admins face today.  VMware partners with various storage partners to provide the management component of VVols, the VASA Provider. Recently Pure Storage introduced VVols support for their FlashArray All-Flash-Array with its Purity 5.0.0 operating environment. This highly anticipated addition to the Virtual Volumes partner program includes the latest VASA certification providing support for array-based replication.

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we bring in one of the industry's most authoritative VVol subject matter experts Cody Hosterman from Pure Storage.  Cody shares with us the many benefits of using VVols regardless of your storage vendor and also shares some feedback from his most recent VVol customers.

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Regardless of your storage vendor, Pure Storage’s Cody Hosterman has authored an abundance of  Virtual Volumes educational content.

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